* The People of H.E.L.P Charity *

Tracey Longhurst

Chair Person.

I have been associated with help for about 4 years, I have been very grateful for all the support and help I have received from the club. I have been volunteering with in the club doing fund raising and supporting the office volunteers.

I have recently taken on the chair and look forward to the coming months and years helping H.E.L.P progress into the future.



I have been volunteering for a bit of time now 🙂 I try to bring my world of entertainment and silly craziness to the charity.

In 2016 i became head of the teenagers, it was a fun adventure. in 2018 i have taken a step back and still help with ideas, events and games.

Most of you will probably know me as the guy who makes balloons at the H.E.L.P events & Christmas parties.

I started my career as a entertainer and dancer going to the BRIT school for performing arts. I’ve also worked around the UK in various holiday parks across the country and theme parks doing family entertaining and kids clubs and teenager clubs.

H.E.L.P has been a wonderful charity to get to know and I’m here to help promote children, teenager and adults, mental health & life skills. It is going to be a massive learning challenge for me, I hope with all your help we can make the teens and kids section of the charity amazing for all the families that visit us this year.



Group photographer

I like going to H.E.L.P group because its a place to meet new people and have a nice time on a Friday night, I like joining in with some of the activities & i like going out on the trips because its a nice day out and it makes new memories. your also catch me taking photos of our group on special events.

Former Trustees / Volunteers.


Former Events Co-ordinator

Lydia has been with the group for 5 years, working behind the scenes in the office to make sure you are up to date with information and helping keeping the office running.

I have enjoyed my time volunteering with H.E.L.P. & my daughter enjoys the outings and events and activities the group provides.

Amanda Collier


I came to H.E.L.P as a volunteer at the beginning of 2011 because I wanted to be able to help children that are going through a similar family lifestyle as I did but with the support that I was not aware of until very recently.

My parents separated when I was 12 and I’ve lived with my dad ever since. My life just fell to pieces after that but H.E.L.P has been able to let me come to terms with that and rebuild my life by allowing me to volunteer my time to them and help give the lone parents a place where they can relax and where the children just have fun with its many different activities available on club nights. Just by giving me something to focus on and giving me something to do has helped me be the person that I am today, like it has done for so many other people. I only heard about the charity a year ago and the work that they do for the lone parents is remarkable. They offer support and guidance when it’s asked for, not just for its members but for its volunteers as well. The trustees of the group are amazing as they find ways of giving outings and holidays for the members all through funding, fundraising and members contributions.

I’d like to see this group grow and cover more areas in Essex as it could change the lives of so many more people that struggle every day with being a single parent but are unable to travel to Maldon for the club nights. I want to be able to help other people that are going through what I did.

To be able to be a part of H.E.L.P, it has given me the drive to follow my dreams and allowed me to see how just a simple idea can make a huge difference in so many people’s lives. From being a volunteer, I want to be able to make a difference in just one life just by making it a little bit easier for them and H.E.L.P achieves this very well with all their members. I’ve made so many new friends from the group not just fellow volunteers but also its members and it feels great to be a part of this big family all helping each other.


Lindsay Young


I have two sons, and I am medically retired due to Lupus. I was first diagnosed at a very difficult period in my life. I lost my home, lost my job, lost my partner, gained a medical condition, and ended up in a refuge with my two young sons, all in one month. I reached rock bottom and had no hope. I also weighed in at 25 stone due to the steroid treatment to combat infection, and was in and out of hospital, almost daily. I couldn’t care for my sons, and had to rely on my parents.

I attended Gingerbread for 4 years in Romford and realised the importance of having others around me for support. I then moved to Maldon over 12 years ago and began to attend my local church. Gradually my health has improved. I’m not cured, but God has brought me to full health most of the time. This is a personal faith. Although we still have many struggles as a family I have found that creating and formerly running H.E.L.P  gave me a new purpose in life and I have learn’t so many new skills over the last 8 years. i was emotional to let go and stand down from this charity of mine, i have now moved on to my bigger brighter future.


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