*September 2017 Club night / New Venue*

This club night we are excited to see you all after a Great summer, in our new venue at the United Reformed Church Hall in Maldon.

Hope And Encouragement  for lone parents are excited to have this new venue. we had great success at the west maldon community centre and we are hoping to have the same success at the united reformed church hall.

Our club nights will still be the same time 6:30pm – 9pm.

To celebrate our new Venue for our Club Nights we have visiting guests the Essex Pigmy Hedgehogs who will be at our club night from 7-8pm, if you have never held a hedgehog or would like to know more about hedgehogs, our club night is the place to be.

H.E.L.P will also be doing eatable flowers in cups, why not bring out your creative side and have a go at a flower or two or do some drawings or a mask.

Our Club night will have inkind  & a few pre-christmas inkind bits too.

H.E.L.P hope’s to have lots of fun and see lots of people for our september club night.

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