This Page Is For All Our Groups

Solo & Group Achievements. 

H.E.L.P  Wants To thank Chantelle & Rosie for their help on club night. Thank You

H.E.L.P Would Like To Thank Charlie for Co-Coaching Dodgeball on March 3rd   

 * H.E.L.P * Would like to say a massive well done to our photographer Adam for getting an Essex Award. Well Done, we are so proud of you.

* Amazing news about our birthday, thank you to J.D Classics *

* Thank you to our events coordinator Lydia from arranging an amazing day *

 http://www.maldonandburnhamstandard.co.uk/news/14673260.Maldon_charity_H_E_L_P_marks_9th_birthday/ *

* Amazing Achievement for exam results for both our youth and adults *

* Great song created  by the teenagers / check out the video *

This a Massive  Achievement & Thank You  to Maldon Promenaders for their amazing fundraising for H.E.L.P  . we all thank you for your great fundraising effort.

Theses will range from Growing Achievements to High Educated Achievements  

If You Would Like to Display Your Achievements Please Let Tracey or a Volunteer Know and we shall Happily Display Your Amazing Achievements.

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