** Who Are H.E.L.P **

H.E.L.P is a registered charity, led by lone parents for lone parents, and their children, be they visiting or resident. We work out of the Maldon District, but have members Essex wide. As there are over 1,700 single parent families living in the Essex area, our aim in the next year is to reach more families by branching out into more towns into the distinct.

We have an office building in Heybridge and hire the united reformed church hall in the Centre of Maldon so we can offer our members: –

** Club Nights **

On the Last Friday of the month, is our Club Night, get together, a chance to interact and have a good catch up and find out the latest information.

Our club night will be held at…..

The United Reformed Church,

Market Hill, Maldon, Essex, CM9 4PZ

Over the last 10 years we have used the West Maldon community centre & we thank the venue for all its done for the charity.

H.E.L.P hopes our new venue will bring as many memories and excitement to all our members.

Our club nights run from 6:30pm till 8:45pm. Come along to our friendly environment, where our lone parents & volunteers who run the club night of fun & game and social interaction.

Our Club Nights are always made special for the youth with lots of Arts & Crafts, Activities ranging from sports, problem solving, skills learning, music, formal and informal information. Plus not forgetting Food, and creating skills. We hope all these skills and knowledge will help build and grow your children physically and mentally .

H.E.L.P is also in association with “Essex Youth Services” which means we have to access the their Knowledge & Equipment for special activities.

H.E.L.P Monthly meetings gives the adult members a chance to meet up with other lone parents in the area and also a night where they can do activities with their children in a safe and friendly environment.

H.E.L.P aims to make our club night fun for all the family.

H.E.L.P does Training / workshops during the course of the year, they are for the members of the charity and their children.

In the past 10 years H.E.L.P has done CAP money management workshops, Freedom from Abuse program’s, Youth team activities day, Parenting courses, Coping with depression, First Aid at home etc.

In The Future H.E.L.P plans on doing more courses with our members.

** H.E.L.P Address The Following Outcomes **

H.E.L.P aims to helping you to build self confidence and esteem, to reduce loneliness within daily life of being a lone parent, to help inform about combating poverty through advice and provision & money courses.

H.E.L.P provides vital information on money advice, domestic abuse, housing, personal counseling, lifestyle and parenting. Accessing new skills that would help a lone parent, such as depression coping strategies, first aid for adults and children, computing basics and online safety.

** Other Information About H.E.L.P **

A big thank you to these companies and organisations that have donated and sponsored

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